Below is a list of some of the web sites that Western IT Solutions has designed and developed. To see the actual web site, click on the URL or the picture of the site.

Vibe U Tone

Crazy Slim Website

The main purpose of this web site is to promote the sales of Whole Body Vibration units. The site required simple navigation, and clear details on the products available. A shopping cart with online payments is to be added in.


Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (CCNP)

CCNP Website

The main purpose of this web site is to provide information for the members of the CCNP. Members are able to log in, update their information, and pay their membership dues online. There is also an administrative tool to add, edit and remove members.


Kindness in Action

Kindess in Action website

Kindness in Action is a non-profit organization. They wanted a web site to provide information to the public and members about the organization and their activities.


Alternativa Latinoamericana

Alternativa Latinoamericana newspaper website

An online newspaper available in both HTML format and downloadable PDF. The newspaper is originally prepared in PDF, and then converted to HTML using a custom program.


Recetas Chilenas

Recetas Chilenas website

Recetas Chilenas has a selection of recipes for typical Chilean dishes, as well as conversion charts and other data. All recipes are stored in a SQL Server database and dynamically created. A complete site search is also available. Content is in Spanish.


St. Joseph's College

St. Joseph's College initial layout

St. Joseph's College wanted a new look for their web site. We provided the template, and training and mentoring so they could complete and maintain the content. The site has gone through several visual changes; however, at present the basic template and layout is still in use.


Contech Staffing Services Inc.

Contech Staffing Services Homepage

Contech Staffing Services Inc. wanted a web presence in order to provide information about the company to employers and candidates, and most importantly, contact information. The website had been designed for easy maintenance and enhancements.

Enlarged image (site offline)

Capture Technical Writing Service Inc.

Capture Writing Service homepage

Capture Technical Writing Service Inc. wanted a more professional look for their web site. A staff member already had some experience with HTML but little time, so a template was needed. We also created pages to allow for registration and login in order to view newsletters and articles.

Enlarged image (site offline)