We provide a number of services at a reasonable cost. Our main service is website design and development. We also specialize in website management, including search engine optimization (SEO), hosting, maintenance, and in addition we offer customized development.

The services we provide are described below. We understand that a rigid package can not fit everyone's needs, and so we are flexible in what we offer. We will be happy to discuss any customizations that you may require for a package to fit your needs.

Services provided in both English and Spanish!
Hablamos espa´┐Żol!

Web Development

Web applications have become one of the most popular means of promoting your business or interests. Whether it is a new site or an existing one that needs a face-lift, we can help you by creating an attractive and interactive website that suits your needs and defines who you are.

  • layout and navigation
  • XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX
  • Classic ASP
  • Graphics
  • database (SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL)
  • domain name registration

For available plans and pricing, please see our rates page. If you don't see a price for a service you would like, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss possible solutions with you.

Web Site Hosting

We can offer full featured website hosting at a fraction of the cost of most other hosting companies. Moreover, if we build your site, we will provide free hosting.

  • low cost maintenance
  • scripting languages
  • database enabled
  • POP3 email

You may find other hosting companies offering their services at a lesser rate, however, they often limit your website traffic and have a small feature set. They may not include a database, all mainstream scripting languages (Perl, PHP, ASP), ASP.NET, streaming media, or web site statistics. Nor will they take care of the details of setting up your website.

You may ask "Why would I need all those features?" The answer is simple: added functionality and interactivity for your website. What if your business grows and you decide to allow customers to order online? This requires a database. You will also need a programming language such as Java or ASP.NET pages to interact with the database and to handle the form processing. If you have a hosting company with a very limited set of tools, you will be forced to find another hosting company to achieve online ordering.

If you already had a website host, we can make the transition a smooth one. Just contact us and we will take care of the transfer of your website and domain name from your old provider to us.

Web Site Maintenance

It is important for a website to be updated on a regular basis. Out-dated content is not appealing to anyone, and certainly does not encourage repeat visitors.

Allow us to free up that precious time with our hassle-free maintenance program. Simply send us the material, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Add and delete pages as necessary
  • Enhance your website with holiday accents (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
  • Update metatags as needed to ensure optimal search engine placement
  • Ensure that all internal and external links are working properly
  • Monthly site traffic summary

Custom Development

If you need a customized tool that the in-house team has no time to do or doesn't merit the hiring of a full-time employee, turn to Western IT Solutions. Let our trained and certified staff take the weight off your shoulders and develop the tools you need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business or organization.

  • client-server applications
  • desktop applications
  • database design and development
  • database maintenance tools (web interface or Windows interface)
  • reports development and reporting interface

We are flexible in accomodating your needs. It may be that you already have a database and require an interface for it, or you need a tool that runs on each computer. No problem - just contact us to obtain a quote.